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Mount Agaisen takeoff


Access   (GPS: 43º53'13.32"N - 7º27'16.18"E    Altitude: 750m)
Wind direction : SW, S, SE
Description : carpeted takeoff, certified.
Danger: by Est or West breeze takeoff on the leee side of the trees, frequent back wind, verify windsocks at the back of the takeoff.

Monte Grosso takeoff


Access   (GPS: 43º54'51.46"N - 7º28'01.15"E    Altitude: 1250m)
Wind direction : S, SE
Description: frequent strong breeze, short takeoff only few steps, not suitable for beginners, certified.

Tête de la Lavina takeoff


Access   (GPS: 43º52'00.76"N - 7º24'47.63"E    Altitude: 1100m)
Wind direction : NE, E, ESE
Description: generally used in the morning before the breeze becomes South because of frequent sea wind, certifed.

Pigeonnier landing zone


Access   (GPS: 43º52'41"N - 7º27'28"E    Altitude: 340m)
Wind direction : N, NE, SE, S, SW, NW
Description : strong breeze midday particularly in summer, frequent turbulences during final approach, frequent strong wind gradient midday. Landing zone certified.

Frighièra landing zone


Access   (GPS: 43º52'56"N - 7º25'42"E    Altitude: 430m)
Wind direction : ENE, E, WSW, W
Description : strong breeze midday, frequent turbulences during final approach.
Danger: frequent crosswinds (S, SE) which require an altitude loss above the hedge of trees at the north of the landing zone (be carefull of the electricity line) then a landing zone alignement just before landing. Landing zone certified.

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